12 Must-Have Sustainable Accessories for Every Woman

12 Must-Have Sustainable Accessories for Every Woman

Accessories are a girl’s best friend. Stylish accoutrement can breathe new life into every woman's wardrobe STAT. Adding in fresh accessories can completely transform the way your outfit—and you—look and feel.

Like everything else in your closet, it’s important to choose with love and care. Carefully curate beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time. Consider making smart investments and minimizing your carbon footprint simultaneously.

Trends come and go, but a woman's style is totally unique. Even simple style can be seriously amped up with the right accessories. These 12 must-have accessories will always set you apart in a crowd.

1. a versatile belt

These functional yet often stylish accessories are often forgotten. A belt does much more than keep your trousers up—the right belt can tie an entire look together. Belts are great for breaking up patterns and adding texture to an otherwise monochrome look.

If you’re looking for a change, a classic dress belt can help add new definition to your favorite dress or switch up the vibe of your favorite chunky knit sweater.

2. a pair of classic loafers

They don't have to be Gucci but when it comes to shoes, loafers give it all. Bypass grandpa's clunky leather ones in favor of more feminine styles. Opt for comfort and versatility and expect them to quickly become a prime player in your weekly shoe rotation. Not only are they practical but they’re perfect for dressing up or down.

The Aloha Rivet Leather Loathers are perfect for a casual day out and about or paired them with a flouncy floral skirt for a more feminine look. 

3. statement jewelry

A little bling goes a long way. While you can never go wrong with simple jewelry staples, a statement piece can really get you dazzled. Pair a bold necklace with a buttery-soft tee and jeans to elevate a casual outfit. Add a pair of stunners like the SOKO Mezi Mini Hoops and take your cocktail dress to another level that's sure to turns heads.

While jewelry trends are constantly changing, resist the urge to follow the masses. Invest in quality, sustainable jewelry that matches your style and you’ll be able to effortlessly rock your pieces for years to come.

4. a high-quality timepiece

Watches are a practical accessory that can easily elevate your wardrobe. There are a myriad of designs and price points to choose from.

The key to finding the right modern timepiece depends on your lifestyle. Something with a larger face might be more versatile than a slim evening-style watch that pairs best with your favorite cocktail dress. Remember that you don’t have to go for a watch that has all the bells and whistles, something simple and classic will help you tell the time just fine.

If you already own a good watch, consider upgrading to a new strap and give your timepiece an easy upgrade.

5. a timeless jacket

A luxe, well-paired third-piece can read just as chic as any other accessory. A jacket can completely change your look, so always choose one that matches your overall personality and vibe.

You can’t go wrong with a timeless leather number to carry you through all the seasons. The Deadwood Joan Biker Jacket is made of recycled leather, minimizing the impact on the environment. When well taken care of, leather jackets have a long lifespan. Try searching for a pre-loved piece from Re-Amour that's sure to bring new life to your rotation.

6. an everywhere bag

No accessories collection is complete without a bag that travels everywhere really, really well. While you could have a different bag for every occasion, sometimes less is more!

If you love to be prepared and go everywhere with everything, you can’t go wrong with a luxe tote or a carry-all. If you're more of a minimalist, a gorgeous crossbody or handbag might just become your new best friend. Regardless, be sure to pick a sustainable bag that adapts to your unique lifestyle and can be worn everyday.

7. a neutral heel

A pair of heels that can go with everything is a must-have accessory for every woman. The key is to pick a pair of heels that works for you—they should be comfortable, make you feel confident, and look stylish.

A modern block heel, like the Alohas Goldie Sandal, are a great choice for the woman on the go. We all love a pair of sky-high stilettos, but your feet will thank you for choosing a sustainable shoe that makes you feel good instead.

8. iconic sunglasses

Protect your peepers while making a fierce fashion statement in a pair of sophisticated sunglasses. Whether you’re trying to fly under the radar or add a pop of flair to your outfit, sunglasses are an easy way to elevate every look.

When investing in new accessories, make sunglasses a priority. Find a pair that suits your face shape, style, and that doesn’t slide down your face. Your perfect sunglasses should feel luxe and be high-quality so they last for several years.

9. a chic scarf

You really can’t go wrong with a stylish scarf! Every woman should have a handful in her collection—lighter weight silks for warmer climates, and heavier weight knits for cooler climates. 

Scarves aren't just for your neck either. A stunning silk scarf functions beautifully as a headband, elevating every. Wrap it around your handbag or wrist for a very unique twist. If you like to keep it neutral, a scarf can add a pop of color without committing to more drastic statements. Building a versatile scarf collection will create endless outfit possibilities.

10. staple tee & tank

While your classic tees and tanks aren’t exactly accessories, a core collection of essentials and basics will help your accessories shine. You need a good foundation to build on, so always opt for staples that are made of high-quality material and sustainable fabrics.

11. the perfect hat

A good hat is hard to find but when you discover the one, it's gold. Because of this there are hat people, and then there are people who just haven’t found the right one—yet.

Hats are underrated and can elevate almost any look. From relaxed baseball hats to classic sun hats, there are styles for every occasion. For the ultimate French girl sophistication, try a beret!

A stylish hat will instantly make your outfit feel uber-polished (and save you time on your hair!). Think of it like the cherry on top of a sustainable ice cream sundae! Bonus: Hats are the perfect accessory because they protect precious skin from harsh UV rays.

12. cozy slippers

Nothing says self-love like giving yourself some time to relax around the house in your most luxurious loungewear.

The ultimate self-care fashion accessory? A pair of cozy and luxurious slippers ensure you feel refreshed the next time you leave the house. Plus, if you find a stylish pair, you’ll be the star of your next girl's night in!

bottom line: choose right for you

Putting together the perfect look is a labor of love. While there are infinite amounts of accessories to choose from, you should always choose the styles that speak to your unique look. Surround yourself with the right pieces and you'll be taking your #ootd's up a notch in no time!

Shop Amour Vert’s selection of sustainable accessories to create your own collection of must-haves.

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