Sustainable Summer Dresses for Hot Weather

Amour Vert's Sustainable Summer Dresses Are the Best Dresses for Hot Weather 

The summer season brings hot weather and a whole new summer wardrobe. But when the temperatures start to climb, staying stylish while staying cool is easier said than done.

The number one item you need in your summer wardrobe to beat the heat? The perfect summer dress.

With a wide range of styles from midi to maxi, sustainable summer dresses are a seasonal staple. Not only you’ll be able to stay breezy, but you can stay on trend and feel fabulous.

Fortunately, Amour Vert has some of the best summer dresses for hot weather that don’t just feel amazing on, but do good for the world around us.

So let’s take a splash in the deep end and explore some summer styles that are ready for everything the fun, hot days of summer have to offer.

1.   Look For Lightweight Fabrics

When it comes to choosing summer dresses, fabric type and quality should be at the top of your priority list. Lightweight fabrics are highly breathable, help you stay cool under the sun, and prevent overheating. They also don’t restrict movement, so you can catch some rays at the beach or on the town with ease.

Natural and sustainable materials are your best bet for clothing all year round. Not only do they tend to be more comfortable, but they also protect the environment–so things don’t keep getting hotter in the summer.

Opt for lightweight fabrics that are carefully crafted from sustainable materials like cotton, linen, silk, or other natural materials. These materials allow air to flow and help wick away moisture, keeping you cool. They are inherently breathable compared to synthetic fabrics (which tend to trap heat).

Our faves? The Cortney Dress, made from Amour Vert’s Cottonseed Cupro, feels luxe and soft to the touch. Or the Odette Linen Dress that, if you ask us, is made for sunny, beachside brunches. And for casual summer strolls, you can’t miss the Dream Collection–two textured fabrics that are what summer dreams are made of. Made from TENCEL modal fiber, you’ll feel on cloud nine in this Olive Dream Knit Dress.

For an extra luxurious summer look, go for a summer dress in Washable Silk, like the Ivy Washable Silk Dress. It’s lightweight, satiny smooth, and sourced from bluesign® factories and mills, so you know your new silk dress is sustainable and traceable.

2.   Choose Lighter Colors And Patterns

We all love a classic little black dress, but dark and bold colors are best saved for cooler nights in the summer season. Lighter colors, such as whites (like the Violette Organic Cotton Eyelet Dress), pastels, and soft neutrals, reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it, helping you stay cooler under the midday sun.

Plus, let’s face it–lighter colors just look breezier and airier at this time of year. The Elio Linen Midi Dress is proof.

When it comes to patterns, pick styles with a lighter base color and more delicate patterns like florals and subtle prints. They’ll help you master the relaxed summer aesthetic. For florals, you can’t go wrong with the Varden Washable Silk Dress. With spaghetti straps and stunning floral detailing, it’s bound to be a staple. If you’re feeling extra bold, don’t miss the Luella Washable Silk Dress in Devon Floral. 

And don’t forget the classic nautical stripes like the Kylen Linen Midi Dress or the Juniper Paris Rib Dress. Whether you dress them up with heels or down with a pair of sustainable sneakers, these pieces will make you the talk of the town this summer.

3.   Select Looser And Flowy Fits Or Styles

Flowy dresses and silhouettes feel like they’re made for the summer season. Hear us out. We love a good form-fitting dress that shows off your natural curves. But whether you’re exploring a new destination or relaxing on the beach with your favorite read, the last thing you want on a hot summer day is extra material clinging to your body.

A-line and shift dresses are loose-fitting and do not cling to the body, allowing for better airflow. We love the elegant and effortless look of the Zendaya Tencel shift-style dress. The Malta Washable Silk Dress in Valencia Dot Pink is another favorite.

Don’t forget to think about necklines as well. Scoop necks, V-necks, and halter necks can help keep you cooler and add a touch of style in the summer months. The square neck in the Ria Organic Cotton Dress is another chic option that feels perfect for summer.

4.   Avoid Heavy Detailing Or Beading

Light and simple are key to the best dresses for hot weather. While extra embellishments and beading can be a beautiful addition to a dress or any other piece in your wardrobe, in the summer, it can add unnecessary weight and potentially trap heat.

Lightweight designs are a much better choice when searching for sustainable summer dresses. They also tend to be more classic, meaning you’ll get more wear out of them in the years to come.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t choose summer-friendly dress styles that add extra pizzazz to your wardrobe. The tie waist detailing in the Colombe Reverie Knit Dress is an alternative to a bulky belt in the summer. You’ll also love the off-shoulder sleeves and smocked bodice detailing of the Dima Ecovero Midi Dress.

5.   Choose Dresses That Are Made With Sustainable Practice

As the weather warms up in the summer, it’s impossible to ignore the impact we make on the world around us. At Amour Vert, we know how important it is to choose sustainable materials that feel great, look amazing, and align with your environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Everything from our Signature Sustainable Fabrics to the packaging that we use to ship your order is designed to keep our planet’s best interest at heart. When you choose one of Amour Vert’s ethical summer dresses, you’ll feel extra confident knowing that you’re wearing a timeless piece that you’ll reach for time and time again.

We’ll even help you transition your favorite summer dress into a fall or winter staple with a recycled Deadwood Leather Jacket or the Cozy Scout Wool Cardigan.

But of course, sometimes we need something fresh to celebrate the season, which is why we also believe in circular fashion. You’ll find a selection of pre-loved sustainable summer dresses in our resale marketplace–ReAmour. While they’re not brand new, they’re new to you and ready to breathe new life into your summer wardrobe. (We’ll even take your pre-loved pieces too!)

Get Your Favorite Sustainable Summer Dresses With Amour Vert

We all wish summer would last forever, but the season tends to slip through our fingers faster than we like. So don’t let summer slip away without adding the perfect sustainable summer dress to your closet. But when the days get scorching hot, make comfort your top priority. You deserve to feel cool, confident, and carefree. And fortunately, Amour Vert’s carefully curated collection of summer dresses for hot weather means that you can feel comfortable and stylish all summer long.

All you need to do is dip your toe in and find the perfect style, color, and fabric for you. So go ahead and treat yourself to a new summer dress so you can make this summer season the most unforgettable yet.

Ready for a summer of style? Shop Amour Vert’s collection of sustainable summer dresses today.

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