Dressing Up 101: 10 Tips to Make It Effortless

Dressing Up 101: 10 Tips to Make It Effortless

But what do I wear? 

If you have a first date, a job interview, or any other out-of-the-ordinary occasion on your calendar, we hear you! Picking the right outfit can make all the difference when making a good first impression. Luckily, choosing smart and polished doesn’t have to be hard—these 10 fashion tips will help you hit the most stylish note every time.  

1. comfort over everything

Style and comfort? Yes, you can have it all. 

You can’t look your best if you don’t feel your best. Life’s too short to be teetering around in shoes that hurt your feet or wearing scratchy sweaters. You’ll feel unfocused and look uncomfortable, and who wants that?

Being comfortable doesn’t mean showing up in pajamas—although, depending on the occasion, some elegant and cozy loungewear just might do the trick. Treat yourself to clothes that fit well, feel luxurious, and are fuss-free, so you can give your undivided attention to the moment and the people you’re meeting.

2. read the room

Adapt your wardrobe to the occasion. Whether you’re dressing to impress a date or hoping to nail an interview, you want to pick an outfit that makes sense and doesn’t feel out of place. (Note: This doesn’t mean you can’t still stand out.)

When in doubt, refer to tip #1 and start there. You might feel more comfortable dressing to impress in jeans and a nice sweater, and adding a polished pair of heels and some statement jewelry will elevate the overall look instantly.

If you’re feeling unsure, remember it’s better to be a little more dressed up than dressed down. Here are a couple of our go-tos tips at Amour Vert: 

Jumpsuits strike the perfect balance between laidback and dressed up, since they mimic the flowy silhouette of a dress. Choosing jewelry and shoes that lend a pop of color or flair will level up your whole look. 

When you just can’t land on an outfit, a solid dress is always a great choice—it will pair with pretty much any formal occasion and gives you plenty of freedom to accessorize. Amour Vert’s fabrics, like washable silk and buttery-soft and stretchy Paris Rib, look luxe and feel amazing—making the, seamless picks for any occasion where the dressing decorum is in question.

3. balance your outfits

Creating a balanced outfit is key to a put together look. Every piece in your outfit should complement the others. This applies to everything from patterns to shape. For example, you may pair a loose top with slim pants or a bold pattern with a solid color. 

Striking that careful balance in your outfits keeps your look more polished and can be the difference between a great outfit and just an ordinary one.

4. curate your colors

There’s more to life than neutrals! Add a pop of color to your outfits to bring your style to life. Even if black is your staple, a little pop of color can go a long way in helping you stand out in a crowd.

Choose colors that complement your skin tone and work well with your existing wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes are all the rage (and make getting dressed sooo easy), so you might even want to try picking a color palette for your entire closet and sticking to it.

If you’re new to styling color, pick one colored item and keep the rest neutral. Choosing a beautifully colored top is a great way to introduce new and vibrant colors to your style.

5. build your basics

Great style starts with great basics. From brunch with the girls to a night in Paris, tried and true basics are the perfect partner for all of of life’s adventures.

Fill your closet with staples like comfy tee shirts or jackets that you can wear year-round. Layer with some fun seasonal pieces, and voila! You’ve got yourself an outfit to remember—no matter where you're headed.

The basics we can’t live without? Our AV Icons.

6. invest in timeless classics

We choose timeless over trendy every time. It might feel tempting to hop on the latest trend, but nothing is easier than a classic little black dress.

Trends can be fun, don’t get us wrong. But you’ll always benefit from having high-quality, timeless pieces in your closet to fall back on.

The best part? Clothing that stands the test of time is good for the world around you. Timeless means it spends more time being loved by you and less time in landfills. As a leader in sustainable women’s clothing, we pride ourselves on creating effortless Amour Vert classics that you’ll glow in for years to come.

7. express yourself

Embracing your own unique style is a sure-fire way to stand out when you’re trying to dress to impress. 

When you don’t know what to wear, think about what you love. Do you like to keep things minimal? Do you gravitate toward that classic French girl look? Do you feel drawn to modern and avant-garde silhouettes and prints? Zero in on what you love and you’ll end up with a template that guarantees your comfort and confidence. 

8. accessorize

We’re firm believers in another key for dressing to impress: every outfit deserves an accessory. 

You don’t want to go overboard—carefully choose a scarf, belt, or other accessory that adds to your outfit (too much can actually take away from it).  

Simple outfits shine with statement necklace and bolder looks benefit more from minimal accessories.

There’s nothing quite like sustainable jewelry to help revolutionize your style.

9. care for your clothes

Avoid unsightly wrinkles, ill-fitting pieces, and overstretched sweaters. Take good care of your clothes—it helps your favorite pieces last longer and keeps your outfits looking polished. When dressing to impress, the details matter!

Here are some ways to help maximize the lifespan of your favorite piece:

  • Always follow the care and washing instructions
  • Don’t let clothes sit and wrinkle in the dryer (you know who you are!)
  • Fold instead of hanging clothes that stretch

Pick pieces that are easy to care for and fit with your lifestyle. If weekly dry cleaning isn’t your vibe, choose beautiful style made from fabrics like our Washable Silk or Cottonseed Cupro that shine straight out of the wash. We know how important it is to choose materials that stand the test of time, which is why all our fabric and clothing is ethically produced and designed to last.

10. wear with confidence

Sure it’s cliché, but confidence really is the best accessory. If you’ve followed the tips above, we’re positive you’ll be comfortable and showing off some seriously effortless style. We hope those glowy good vibes help work wonders on your date, interview, and every other special occasion.  

Ready to polish up your wardrobe? We have the styles that get the dress-to-impress job done. Explore sustainable styles and shop now.

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