Earth Day 2023: How Does Planting Trees Help The Environment?

Earth Day 2023 is a few days away. Have you thought of planting a tree or two? Perhaps you’ve already planted some. So how does planting trees help the environment?  Trees are not just beautiful, but they also play a crucial role in our survival and the well-being of other living creatures.

As a sustainable clothing company with a mission to protect the environment, Amour Vert has committed to planting a tree in partnership with American Forests® every time a tee is purchased. So far, we have planted over 350,000 trees, yielding significant gains for the environment.

What are the Benefits of Trees to the Environment?

The clothing industry is the second largest water polluter after the oil industry. It’s also responsible for 20% of the water pollution globally. So as an industry, it’s crucial to keep transitioning to sustainability. We know the importance of planting the trees that we do. Beyond adding obvious beauty, you might be surprised to know some of the lesser-known benefits of planting trees.

Reducing Climate Change

Climate change is a pressing issue, and trees can help alleviate it. Through photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen, naturally cleaning the air. By planting trees, Amour Vert has sequestered hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2, making a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Preventing Water Pollution

Trees also help prevent water pollution. Stormwater, which can contain pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorus, can be filtered by trees and plants, allowing water to drain into the soil and preventing pollution in bodies of water. Trees act as a natural barrier, keeping our air and water cleaner.

Conserving Energy

Trees can also help you save energy. Strategically planting trees around your home provides shade during hot summer months, so you won’t have to crank the AC nearly as much—meaning you’ll save energy (and lower your bill).

Saving Water

Trees are effective in conserving water. By providing shade, trees reduce water evaporation from the ground, benefiting other plants or flowers planted below them. Trees also catch and purify rainfall, replenishing water sources and saving water.

By planting trees, Amour Vert has been able to replenish 12 billion gallons of water—that’s the equivalent of over 18,000 Olympic size pools.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Soil erosion caused by rain and wind can be detrimental to the environment. Trees prevent water droplets from penetrating the soil and reduce the impact of wind. The roots of trees also bind the soil together, preventing soil erosion.

Cleaning the Air

If you've ever been in a forest, you can immediately tell the difference between the air there and in a busy city. That’s because trees act as natural air purifiers. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees absorb pollutants from the air and release oxygen, resulting in cleaner and fresher air. Trees contribute to a healthier environment and improve air quality.

Providing Economic Opportunities

Amour Vert's tree planting efforts have resulted in reforesting over 1700 acres of land, equivalent to 1300 football fields. Reforestation provides important livelihoods through timber, wood, raw materials, fruits, and medicinal trees. As we look forward to celebrating Earth Day in 2023, it's important to realize that planting trees is not just about environmental impact, but also about economic benefits for communities.

Providing Habitat

Trees are essential for promoting biodiversity. Trees are home to bacteria, fungi, birds, squirrels, insects, and other small creatures. They also provide food for various creatures, supporting our ecosystem. Planting trees contributes to the thriving of this biodiversity.

Acting as a Source of Renewable Energy

As companies shift towards renewable energy sources, trees can play a crucial role. When harvested sustainably, wood can be a renewable source of energy. Wood currently contributes around 9% of the total global primary energy. Planting and responsibly managing trees can be a sustainable way to find renewable energy sources for the future.

Wrapping Up

Planting trees has numerous benefits for the environment, from reducing climate change and preventing water pollution to conserving energy, saving water, preventing soil erosion, and cleaning the air. Here at Amour Vert, we're committed to planting trees and protecting the environment. As we approach Earth Day 2023, let's all take action to make a positive impact on our planet by planting more trees and appreciating the many benefits they provide.

If you want to participate in our Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree program, be sure to shop our eligible products today. Happy shopping and happy Earth Day! 

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