Travel Essentials for Women: Amour Vert Edition

Travel Essentials for Women: Amour Vert Edition

Before you can get to the excitement of the trip, you have to pack your bags. If you overpack, you’ll overcomplicate what should feel like a relaxing adventure away from home. Under-packing is just as tragic because you may find yourself racing through a foreign city in search of items that you realize you need. Determining how to mix and match clothes for a trip and what to wear on vacation can be overwhelming. If you’re stressing just a little, take a few deep breaths and relax.

Amour Vert has your back!

Let’s take a look at what to wear on vacation. Whether you’re going on a business trip, family trip, or solo adventure, these simple tips will get you packed and out the door with a confident smile on your face.

How to Mix and Match Clothes for a Trip

You don’t want to overload your suitcase with clothing, yet it’s important to have a flexible wardrobe that is ready for a variety of adventures. The easiest way to accomplish that is to pack a core collection of travel essentials for women that you can easily mix and match.

We highly recommend the following bottoms from the Amour Vert Travel Ready collection.

  •   Briar Provence Rip Jumpsuit – This cozy jumpsuit is perfect for long flights or car rides, but you can also dress it up a bit with colorful flats. It’s made from sustainable materials and will ensure easy movement whether you’re climbing on a boat or walking the beach. 
  •   Rami Reverie Knit Dress – A simple black dress with an A-line skirt can go just about anywhere while traveling. Wear it as is for a casual day of sightseeing, or dress it up by covering the top with a blouse or other button-up. You can wear anything from flip-flips to dressier flats, plus a wide range of accessories to create the perfect look on the fly.
  •   Milo Femme Fete Short - These are the perfect shorts to create multiple looks while traveling. Wear them with or without the fabric belt. Dress them up with a nice blouse, or keep it casual with your favorite tank, tee, or cozy top. They come in four color options, so you can add a pop of color to your travel wardrobe or keep it simple with white.
  •   Fontaine Modal Pant – Regardless of where you’re traveling, you need bottoms that you can dress up or use for athletic activities. These amazingly soft modern culottes are perfect for a wide variety of activities and come in four colors that are easy to mix and match with a variety of tees and tanks.

There are other knit pants, shorts, dresses, and jumpsuits in the Travel Ready collection if you need more than one pair of these items for a long trip. How many bottoms you will need depends on a variety of factors, including where you’re going and what activities you anticipate enjoying. If it’s all a surprise or it’s an impromptu trip, then make sure you have long, short, and mid-length pants that you can dress up or down in a pinch.

What are you wearing those amazing pants with? We have some travel essentials for women that are easy to mix and match, all from Amour Vert’s Travel Ready collection:

  •   Berkeley Modal Tee – You can wear a classic knit tee made from super soft material all year long. It pairs well with the Fontaine Modal Pants and the Milo Femme Fete Shorts. You can even throw it on under a sweater if the weather is expected to warm up while you’re out.
  •   Madison Button Down – This is the perfect buttoned shirt for dressing up some of those super comfy bottoms. It looks great topping a basic jumper or dress, or you can wear it with your favorite jeans. It’s comfortable yet has a stylish cut and can give basic bottoms more polish.
  •   Ciela Cropped Tie-Waist Cardigan – This cardigan can cover a basic tee or tank in a flash, turning a casual daytime outfit into the perfect evening attire. It pairs well with virtually any bottom and is full of fine details that grab the eye.
  •   Minka Organic Cotton Sweater – If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact sweater that you can pull over blouses, tanks, and tees, this is it. You can go from morning to night without feeling chilled or looking out of place.
  •   Joline Reverie Slub Tee – This soft, lightweight v-neck tee is perfect as a standalone top or a bottom layer in cooler weather. It has a relaxed fit that flatters the figure without feeling too tight or restrictive. You won’t believe how soft it is until you slip it on.
  •   Roux Mixed Cupro Jacket – If you need to take a jacket, this is the one to consider. It has all the fine details that make you feel cozy and stylish but packs enough warmth to get you through changing seasons or just from a warm afternoon to a cool night on the town.
  •   Alicia Tencel Blouse – You can’t miss a good blouse when packing for vacation or a business trip. This one allows you to add a subtle pop of color without distracting from the overall outfit. It blends well with a variety of bottoms, so mix and match to your heart’s content.

With simple items like these, you can build a wardrobe that allows you to mix and match your way to an outfit for virtually any activity. The problem is that you may encounter an event that requires you to step away from your basic wardrobe.

We have you covered there as well. On with the next tip!

Pick a Standout Piece (Or Two?)

You do need at least one dress or jumper that can steal the show at a slightly dressed-up event. You never know when an art museum may catch your eye, or you’ll snag tickets to a hot performance last minute. It’s great to have at least one piece that you can throw on and feel like a million bucks instantly.

We recommend the following options from Amour Vert’s Travel Ready collection:

  •   Everley Modal Jumpsuit – Break out the soft beechwood fiber fabric in our signature Modal that allows you to get a little flirty or keep it more covered. This comfy pantsuit will fit right in at a nice restaurant, live performance, and many other events. It will flatter your figure and wrap your body in softness.
  •   Olive Viscose Crepe Dress – This is the ultimate maxi dress for any trip away from home. The pattern is striking, and the free-flowing skirt ensures comfort without restriction. It’s loose on the bottom with a more fitted top that will flatter any body shape. Add the Minna Sweater Knit Cardigan if you need coverage on your arms.
  •   Taya Seersucker Jumpsuit – You can make a statement while keeping it adorably casual with this striped jumpsuit. The sleeve wide-legged jumpsuit with a fitted bodice and tie-back detail elevates the look without getting too stiff. It’s the perfect way to make a statement without necessarily dressing “up.”

What Can You Not Live Without?

Still not sure how to mix and match clothes for a trip? If you’re still feeling overwhelmed about packing for a trip, we suggest starting with a simple exercise. Go through your bedroom and place every item that you don’t think you could live without in the center of your bed. We’re talking about items that you would miss so much that your heart might skip a beat if you were without them.

When you hold your wardrobe to such high standards, you’re likely to find that there aren’t many items that qualify as essentials. You’re likely to end up with a piece or two that just really fits what to wear on vacation, and you should absolutely make room in your bags for those items. You can then fill the rest of the space with items that will keep you comfortable, stylish, and feeling confident in a variety of situations.

Now that we have shown you some great travel essentials for women, we hope you find your own perfect match! Browse our site today and begin shopping for your dream travel wardrobe now!

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