What Is Pre-Loved Clothing and Why You Should Be Wearing It

What Is Pre-Loved Clothing and Why You Should Be Wearing It

Sustainable shopping is making a huge comeback, and we’re here for it.

The fashion industry has a bad rap for its environmental impact, but we’re finally starting to see a shift. Many shoppers understand the impact of fast fashion and are making conscious decisions to dress more responsibly.

One of the biggest trends in sustainable fashion? Pre-loved clothing.

But what exactly is pre-loved clothing, and what does pre-loved clothing mean? How can you make fashion choices that are good for the world?

To help you fall in love with the pre-loved trend, we’ve rounded up the basics around pre-loved clothing. Plus, we’ll share some of our top secrets for scoring pre-loved Amour Vert gems.

What Does Pre-Loved Clothing Mean?

Pre-loved clothing and shopping refer to items that were previously used (and loved) by someone else. It’s now being sold and used by a new person to extend the life of the clothing item. Think second-hand clothing but with better branding! 

You may also know pre-loved clothing as thrift or vintage shopping. Regardless of what you call it, if it’s been enjoyed by another person, it’s considered pre-loved!

Why Should You Buy Pre-Loved Clothes?

Sustainability is one of the top benefits of pre-loved clothing. But there are so many reasons to buy pre-loved clothes.

Pre-Loved Clothing Is Better for The World

One-and-done pieces mean they spend a few days in your closet and a decade (if not more) in the landfill. Shopping for pre-loved clothing means these items will spend more time being loved and less time as waste.

You might be done wearing that pair of sustainable denim, but there is always someone who is ready to breathe new life into it.

Buying Pre-Loved Helps You Find Unique Or Special Items

Brand new clothing is often mass-produced. Meaning there could be hundreds, if not thousands, of the same item floating around.

Pre-loved clothing is a great way to find items that are unique, since many pre-loved styles are one-of-a-kind.

Sustainable brands like Amour Vert create new clothing but only in limited quantities, so you know you’re getting a style that’s special and minimizes waste.

Resale clothing is also a great way to find clothes that are no longer available; past season styles that you loved and missed out on. 

Pre-Loved Clothing Is More Affordable

A second-hand item is almost always going to cost less than a brand new one. Even if an item has only been worn a handful of times, shopping pre-loved is a great way to refresh your closet without breaking the bank.

The Truth About Pre-Loved Clothing

If you haven’t shopped pre-loved before, it can feel a little daunting or overwhelming. There is also so much misinformation about pre-loved clothing.  

We’ve broken down some of the biggest myths about shopping for resale clothing to help you understand why it's a great alternative.

Pre-Loved Clothing Isn’t As High-Quality

Surprisingly, the number one reason for clothing being ‘retired’ isn’t because it’s old or is falling apart at the seams. It’s simply because we love fresh looks and new styles. And we totally get it! Every woman deserves a closet full of pieces that she loves.

But that means pre-loved pieces are often just as high in quality as buying new. You can often find better quality clothing since pre-loved pieces are often more affordable.

The unfortunate truth is that low-quality clothing often doesn’t last long enough to make it to a second life. So when you buy a pre-loved piece, you can feel confident that it’s already lived some life and is pretty durable.

Always prioritize pieces that are designed to last so you know that it can be loved longer.

Pre-Loved Clothing Is Out-of-Style

They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. With pre-loved clothing, this couldn’t be more true! From event dresses to basic tees, there are pre-loved styles for every woman.

While some trends come and go, there is something to be said about timeless fashion. Pre-loved items are often classic styles that can be enjoyed for years. It’s also easy to style a piece with different items to completely change the look. 

That’s one of the reasons that at Amour Vert, we carefully design pieces that will stand the test of time. While we want you to look and feel your best, we focus on effortless staples that you (or someone else) can enjoy for years to come. 

We know that sometimes you need to buy new. And that's okay! That's why our priority is sustainability and designing timeless pieces that won’t end up in a landfill the next season.

You Can Only Shop for Pre-Loved Clothing In Person

While there is something so fun about browsing the racks at a thrift store, you can certainly find pre-loved options online. From marketplaces to second-hand clothing apps, you can browse an endless library of pre-loved clothing right from your couch. 

ReAmour, our resale marketplace, makes it easier than ever to browse, sell, and buy pre-loved clothes

How Do I Buy Pre-Loved Clothes?

There are so many ways to purchase pre-loved clothing. Resale marketplaces are becoming all the rage, even outside of fashion. From furniture to household goods, buying pre-loved pieces is becoming easier than ever before.

If you’re looking to make your first pre-loved clothing purchase, you can check out local second-hand shops, online buy and sell platforms, or even the resale marketplace of your favorite clothing shop – like ReAmour.

How Do I Sell My Pre-Loved Amour Vert Clothes?

While not every item you purchase needs to be pre-loved, you can help extend the life of your favorite clothing items by selling them to a new loving home.

Online marketplaces and platforms like AV’s ReAmour make it easy to sell your pre-loved clothing. Many thrift stores and second-hand clothing shops will also buy your items or help you sell items on consignment.

When reselling clothing items, make sure to take clear pictures of the item and note any imperfections. The price you choose to sell at will depend on the quality and condition of the piece. If you sell with ReAmour, we’ll help recommend a price. However, the final sale price is 100% up to you.

Fall In Love with Pre-Loved Clothing with ReAmour

We created ReAmour to connect pre-loved Amour Vert pieces with new owners and lovable prices. You’ll find timeless styles from this season and the AV archives that are delivered right to your door. You might even find that your new pre-loved piece comes with a story so you can carry on the legacy.

Understanding “what is pre-loved clothing” will open your closet up to new and unique styles that nobody else has. Shop confidently knowing that every ReAmour piece is vetted for quality assurance, so you know you’re getting the quality Amour Vert pieces that you know and love.

Have an AV fave that you’re ready to pass on? We do the heavy lifting, so you can list, sell, and ship your pre-loved pieces with a few clicks. Get 100% of your sale in store credit or 80% in cash. It’s that easy!

Buying and selling clothing is one of the easiest ways to minimize your environmental footprint – without sacrificing style. Shop Amour Vert’s collection of pre-loved clothing on ReAmour today!

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