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We're featuring women whose work and values align with what we do at Amour Vert. Angela shares with us how becoming a mother shifted her understanding of sustainability and how she's seen the fashion industry evolve throughout the years. 

Becoming a mother 

When I first had my daughter I thought more about the food I was feeding her, the fabrics in her clothing and the soap I put on her body. It was coming from a place of being a new mom and really just wanting nothing to hurt or impact my child’s well-being.

I began to make purchases that felt more informed and thoughtful and also tried to adopt a more minimalist ethos when it came to toys and baby equipment.

While I definitely still think about it from that perspective, now that she's older, I try to model sustainable practices by example so that she grows up with the know-how to care for the environment. 

On Sustainability

It’s about being thoughtful about how you live your life and making realistic changes to better the environment. We are all living and operating in a world of incredible consumption and the amount of waste we produce even as individuals can be really alarming (especially when you think about that on a larger scale and the impact we know it has on this planet). I try to make decisions that I know are positive yet attainable for my family — choosing to compost in our household, or opting for a refillable water bottles or reusable ziplocks, clothing that is made ethically, having a small garden — all these these things may seem small but in the long run they add up. So, sustainability to me, is really all about the way we interact and care for our planet in our everyday life.

Through the eyes of an editor

Lonny is a lifestyle and design publication that showcases spaces and people who inspire our audience to cultivate an authentic home. We try to share spaces that feel attainable yet inspirational and offer something for everyone regardless if you’re in a small space apartment or have a whole home you’re looking to furnish.

As an editor, it has been so powerful to see what a shift there has been among designers and customers alike in regards to sustainability. The way people shop today is so much more discerning and aware.

So as a brand, you need to incorporate social responsibility within your business model as well as have the transparency (in all elements of your company) about it with your audience, because whether or not you think so, they do care.

When people make a purchase the story behind the garment and how it got there is more important than ever. People want to know that they are making the right decision with their money and supporting a brand and the overall ethos of helping the environment. It goes back to those small ways you can make an impact and deciding to wear something that is ethically made and sustainable is one of those tiny decisions you can make to help.


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