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We're featuring women whose work and values align with what we do at Amour Vert. Britt shares with us how she leverages her platforms to advocate change in the fashion industry. 

On Sustainability

Sustainability became important to me through modeling. It was from the Model Mafia group, specifically through meeting Cameron Russell, that I learned so much about sustainability in the fashion industry. 

Instead of feeling defeated about the wastefulness of fashion or the unethical practices of production, I decided I would dive deep into learning more about sustainability and to try and make a positive impact. I thought about ways I could incorporate what I was beginning to learn about the environment and the connections I had already made in the fashion industry. As I had been inspired by my Model Mafia crew, I would seek to motivate others in this industry, and beyond, to live more consciously.  

I educated myself by taking a start-up course on how to build your own sustainable fashion line. The rest, specifically starting my own company ODM/ODC, transpired from there. 

Sustainability in modeling

A lot of people ask why I shoot with certain companies that aren't sustainable. The answer? We need to work with them. If they're a bigger company, it may be harder for them to change their habits, but if they hire models that talk openly about sustainability, they may begin to listen. 

There has to be a demand, specifically from customers, for them to change their policies or their factory standards. We can inspire them. It's not about working against each other; we have to all work together.

The sustainability movement is about being transparent, inclusive to all, and about spreading our message with love, not disdain. It's about being vulnerable and open about what you stand for. Our conversations and our actions create change. 

Customer have the power to ask questions about where their clothes are from and who made them. Brands are finally realizing how important that is. 

Off Duty Model, On Duty Citizen

ODM/ODC (Off Duty Model, On Duty Citizen) was launched in January 2017, shortly after I had learned about the corruption in the fashion industry. My mom and I started this website to inspire change and to have a positive impact on our friends, family, and peers.

With ODM/ODC, we hope to transform the way you think and act as a conscientious consumer. We’re providing you with an outlet to get that perfect off-duty model style. The simple, stylish staples are the foundation of your closet and with ODM/ODC you won’t have to worry if the things you buy were made ethically or sustainably. We do the research for you!  

As a whole, we love sharing what we learn about sustainability with our followers. And believe me when I say we learn something new every day. It’s about becoming more conscious of all your actions and sparking interesting discussions so we can all continue to learn and grow.   

My mom and I manage the website together. She used to be a journalist and model and has a background in finance. We work really well together. I do more of the creative stuff and she’s does more of the business side. 

When I was starting ODM/ODC and was discussing it with my friends, I realized they were working on interesting projects relating to sustainability, too. I then added an "off-duty model" section of the website that highlights what they're up to and what side projects they have been working on. It's all about supporting each other.

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