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As part of our "It's Not About Us" campaign, we're featuring women whose work and values align with what we do at Amour Vert. Hartje shared thoughts on motherhood, conscious consumption, and her humanitarian efforts.

Spending power and buying clean

"Research brands and ask for recommendations. Find and follow sustainable fashion brands on Instagram to connect with the style that reflects who you are.

Instead of buying a lot of pieces that are cheap, that you're only going to wear for one season, invest in a few really high quality well-made sustainable pieces.

A lot of unsustainable brands are going to be weeded out and will either have to change the way they produce or they're not going to last. The consciousness of consumers is also changing."

Across generations

"I learned from my mother about the different ways fabrics are made, which ones are synthetic, which ones are natural and how fibers are processed. So the quality of different fabrics is actually something I'm really into.

Everything that we put in and on our body is something for our immune system to work with. If we have chemicals in our clothing, we have chemicals in our cosmetics and our food.

Because 50 years from now, 60 years from now, even 80 years from now I may not be there anymore, but my baby is going to be there and his children may be there, and you really want to do what will keep our planet healthy."

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The green future of cities

"There's this concept of having green rooftop gardens and solar panels. They're working on getting businesses hooked up to solar energy. There are so many steps that are already being taken.

So in the future, I see cities like Manhattan with green rooftops and solar panels everywhere, environmentally friendly, better infrastructure and a better public transit system. 

I also hope that people are more in tune with themselves and with the environment."

In addition to her activism with Model Mafia, Hartje has volunteered with aid organization ASA in Ethiopia, and even produced a documentary about their work. In New York, she's done empowerment projects with the Sports and Arts in School Foundation.

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