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To the Women We Amour. Today we celebrate you.

In honor of International Women's Day, we made something special.

Limited Edition

We've worked with Artist, Buckley, to design a special sweatshirt.

20% of proceeds from the piece will be donated to charities, Casa do Rio and Ancient Song, during the month of March.

Casa do Rio's mission is to build venues for a sustainable Amazon society, integrating the local and global issues of contemporary times, with a direct impact on approximately 300 women and families in the region. Learn more

Ancient Song is a small, Brooklyn based organization providing free doula care to Women in New York who could otherwise not afford prenatal or postnatal care. Learn more

Designed by Buckley

For International Women's Day, we partnered with female empowerment artist Buckley, to design a limited edition sweatshirt.

Buckley has been a partner of Amour Vert for over a year now and describes herself as a female empowerment artist and a visual philosopher whose artworks "traverse the symbolic and timeless experience of self.”

More on Buckley


We co-hosted an event with Carolina Fontaneti and Hartje Andresen for members of The Model Mafia, a model activist group, to celebrate.

The Charities

Casa do Rio

Casa do Rio is an institution that has operated since 2009 in the region of BR 319, in Amazonas, focusing on education initiatives, income generation for local sustainable development, and biodiversity conservation. It aims to support the transformation of the socioeconomic reality of the forest peoples, respecting the cultural aspects, technologies and traditional knowledge. Its mission is to build venues for a sustainable Amazon society, integrating the local and global issues of contemporary times, with a direct impact on approximately 300 families in the region.

The Forest Knowledge Center has been operating since 2017 and serves as a reference for the riverside and rural populations of the Careiro Municipality and surrounding area, one of the most threatened regions of the Amazon. The Center is home to several collective movements of young people, women and farmers, and provides training in various areas aimed at improving the quality of life of the population and for biodiversity conservation in the Amazon.

Ancient Song

Ancient Song Doula Services is an international doula certifying organization founded in the Fall of 2008 in Brooklyn, New York with the goal to offer quality Doula Services to Women of Color and Low Income Families. They are committed to eliminating the Infant Mortality & Maternal Morbidity Rate through collective work and offering resources to families.

Ancient Song Doula Services mission is to offer all pregnant and parenting individuals regardless of their socio-economic standing quality Doula Care, provide resources young mothers to make healthy choices in their lives, and advocacy to address health inequities within marginalized communities.  Ancient Song is committed to addressing implicit bias and racism within healthcare system by providing evidence based education in birth and reproductive justice, advocacy & training, and direct doula services to all regardless of their socio-economic standing. Learn more >

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