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We're featuring women whose work and values align with what we do at Amour Vert. Kalyane shares with us how becoming a mother shifted her focus to a more sustainable lifestyle.

On Sustainability

Sustainability is present in many layers of my life. I have come to realize what you think matters, what you do matters what you produce matters. We all make a difference.

My parents are Buddhist and always taught me one simple thing: respect everything around you from the person next to you to the ant walking the soil. In other words, live harmoniously with your environment.

Becoming a mother

When I became a mother, my view changed tremendously! It accelerated my desire to push existing boundaries and become more informed and involved. 

Kids want to try everything, but they also learn from you as a parent. So, it’s about building awareness and creating habits with them. My child and I talk about everything and do everything together, so he is always involved!

We use, accumulate, and consume a lot, but we don’t always think about what happens when those things are disregarded. We need to remember that our current choices are what shape the future for our children. 

I like to fix things instead of throwing them out. I recycle down to the wires and reuse whatever I can. I do this with my clothing, accessories, plastic and household items. Resale, recycle, donate. I try to buy only what I need. And avoid waste (particularly groceries right now). This is big for me. But of course, it’s always a work in progress!

Model Mafia

I've been a member for about 2 years. It’s all about community, collaboration and connecting. For the participant, it gives resources and friendships. Model Mafia allows models to no longer stand alone. 

You can grow and expand so much with the right people around you. In the challenging times as well as in the exhilarating moments such as venturing out as a business or supporting a cause.

As a group, we influence the way things are done. We help improve processes so that they are more sustainable. We help new models in the industry and over all support causes and join forces!

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