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Our Signature Fabrics

Almost 60% of a garment's environmental impact happens
during fiber and fabric manufacturing.

That’s why we partner directly with mills to develop our own fabrics that are sustainable, soft, and stand the test of time. We always start with the most sustainable, traceable, and eco-friendly raw fibers and materials available.

Washable Silk

Fully-traceable and eco-friendly silk fabric that feels amazing and is completely washable.

Shop Washable Silk

Charlotte Washable Silk Blouse


Blaze Washable Silk Skirt


Arya 3/4 Sleeve Washable Silk Dress


Kaya Washable Silk Blouse


Dream Collection

Made in the USA from sustainable TENCEL™ modal fiber, our machine washable Dream Knit and Dream Rib fabrics feature the perfect drape and unmatched softness.

Shop Dream Collection

Francoise 3/4 Sleeve Dream Knit Tee

Sold Out

Mayr Dream Knit Tee


Itana Dream Rib Tee


Iris Dream Knit Tank


Paris Rib

Created from closed-loop and FSC-certified beechwood fibers, Paris Rib fabric is flattering, form-fitting, and French girl-approved.

Shop Paris Rib

Skylar Paris Rib Joggers


Rosa Paris Rib Tank


Jane Paris Rib Top


Vindy Paris Rib Skirt


Ethical Wool

We only use harm-free, non-mulesed wool from the happiest sheep on earth.

Shop Ethical Wool

Emilie Wool Sweater

$198 $158
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Scout Wool Cardigan

$228 $182

Scout Wool Cardigan

$228 $182
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Rizzo Upcycled Wool Jacket

$288 $130

Cottonseed Cupro

Made from repurposed plant seed fiber, this rescued cotton 'waste' fabric feels like silk, minus the dry cleaner.

Shop Cottonseed Cupro

Roux Mixed Cupro Jacket


Renata Cupro Viscose Jacquard Blouse


Papillon Cottonseed Cupro Blouse

Final Sale extra 30% off in cart

Fantasia Cupro Viscose Jacquard Jumpsuit

$248 $112

Femme Fête

Crafted from a combination of organic cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell, and linen, this sustainable blend perfectly intersects softness and strength.

Shop Femme Fête

Meredith Femme Fête Blazer


Larisa Femme Fete Pant

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Roux Femme Fete Jacket

$178 $80

Meredith Femme Fête Blazer

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