Indulge in Cashmere (It's Recycled!)

Outrageously soft and crafted with care, join our design team on their search to find the world's best recycled cashmere.

We recently introduced our 100% recycled cashmere collection. It's a timeless addition to any wardrobe and part of a dialogue between our style ethos and more sustainable manufacturing practices. Here's how it came to be.



The Dilemma
Cashmere's popularity has soared over the years, especially among those seeking natural fibers – but it comes at a cost. The heightened demand has led to extensive overgrazing in some of the most popular production regions, including Mongolia, Italy, and Scotland. Once-vibrant grassland ecosystems are degrading, resulting in soil erosion, barren landscapes, and contaminated waterways.

A Sustainable Solution
We know that in Italy, companies have been taking apart wool garments and reusing the threads since the 13th century. So, there was an obvious eco-friendly option: recycled cashmere. Now, the design team needed to find the right partner.

The Find
After extensive research, we chose Artwell as our supplier. They guarantee full traceability of their supply chain and are certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

A Labor-Intensive Process
Developing the material is as much an art as it is a science. It begins with collecting pure cashmere yarns from mills, defective garments, manufacturer samples, and overrun stock. The gathered material is then sorted by color and shade, manually unwound, and turned back into fibers. The fibers are then re-dyed, spun into fine yarn, and knitted into new garments.

The Designs
The team created a variety of essential styles: a cardigan, a pullover in your choice of crew-neck or puff-shoulder style, a short-sleeve tee, and tank top. They are available in 13 non-toxic colors and priced between $250 - $270.



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