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We're featuring women whose work and values align with what we do at Amour Vert. Alice discusses how her childhood experiences have shaped her outlook on life and influenced her commitment to sustainable living. 

Alice is the creator and writer of the Alice in Wondrland, a lifestyle blog of a Hashimoto’s Warrior, and a Shamanic Reiki Master.

On Fashion  

I grew up witnessing the women in my family working in sweatshops to support us. They worked in unsafe conditions, which included long hours, low wages, exposure to chemicals, and zero employee benefits.

None of us think sweatshops are a good thing, but most of us feel like changing our shopping habits is an impossible task. However, you will find that purchasing sustainable clothing has an inherent higher quality than fast fashion and will endure your closet for far longer.

It is not too late to make the commitment to dressing yourself sustainably. Take a look inside your closet and be honest with yourself about what you really need. If there is something missing from your wardrobe, initially search for it on a second-hand site or a sustainable fashion retailer.

Sustainability means living in a more conscious, compassionate way, which honors the interconnection of all relationships here on earth. Everything  you touch impacts someone, or something, in one way or another. 

A Sustainable Career Path 

Sustainability plays a role in both of my careers. As a Lightworker and coach, I guide people back to balance, love and finding their divine power, which ultimately allows them to think through a more sustainable lens.

I am also a C-level Executive Assistant for Grove Collaborative, a certified B Corporation. We offer products that are gentler on the earth, prioritize post-consumer materials for packaging, and carbon offset every shipment. We are recognized as a business doing good for people, animals, communities, and the planet.

We must live in a way where we minimize our negative impact on the earth in order to preserve the world in its healthiest form for future generations.

Sustainable practices to live by 

As a consumer, every decision I make impacts not only myself, but also those around me. To start this process of sustainable living, it is important to create a checklist of the things you consume, its use in your life, and how it affects the well-being of our communities and planet. I have adopted these practices to achieving a more sustainable lifestyle:

Eco-Friendly Personal Health: I eat Non-GMO certified organic foods that are cognizant of humane treatment. My entire closet consists of sustainable fashion items, and I use both non-toxic skin care and cleaning products.

Supporting Ethical Companies: I purchase from companies that are focused on their ecological impact and fair treatment of their employees in various parts of the world where exploitation is common. I support Amour Vert because of its local supply chain and distribution channels. They have the lowest possible environmental impact and ensures proper wages and treatment of its employees.

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