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We Are The Changemakers

Our November collection focuses on slowing down to design beautiful modern heirlooms through artisan collaboration and sustainable innovation. Each piece is designed to create more life, less waste, and to become the next generation's future vintage.

The Zero-Waste Trailblazers

Meet Stephanie Nocon: expert pattern maker, heavy metal lover, and zero-waste superstar. She is revolutionizing the way we design clothing by creating custom patterns that generate no leftover waste.

"I'm constantly inspired by the challenge itself—figuring out how to make patterns that will both look good on the body and prevent fabric waste from going into the landfill."

Aylin Beyce is our lead changemaker, head designer, and supermom to Evey. She dedicates her days to creatively cutting down fabric waste through upcycling and zero-waste, yarn-to-garment sweater technology.  

"Sweaters epitomize craft. When designing a sweater, you are designing the fabric and the fit at the same time. It is incredibly poetic and thoughtful."

The Wearable Art Creator

Nikki Martinkovic is a master of painting, drawing, and digital design. Instead of creating hanging art, this vivacious creative combines all three of her skills to dream up and design beautiful prints you can wear. Nikki collaborated with our team to create two gorgeous twists on seasonal classics.

"If art is beautiful enough to hang in our home, why can't we wear it?"

The Natural Dye Innovator

Maggie Pate is a pioneer of the natural dye world. She's also a slow textile artist, an eco-printer, and an environmental activist. Maggie used chamomile and marigold flowers to dye a limited-edition, zero-waste duster for our final fall collection.

"Natural dyeing is a meditation on patience, teaching me to not be attached to a certain outcome and to accept imperfections in life and myself."

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